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As a business owner in a modern era, you are constantly searching for the “secret” of a long lasting organization — the secret of creating positive ROI, of gaining more customers, of going “viral.” The truth? The same elements that have always worked continue to work today… marketing, advertising and content creation. We’ve simply shifted into a digital world, making these basic elements even more important because everyone, everywhere is a potential customer or client, but they have to find you — and know you, like you and trust you — first.

So, what exactly do we do? We work for you on behalf of your business, so that you can focus on what you do best — while we handle the marketing side. We harness the power of digital audiences to elevate your company’s online presence and continuously nurture growth.




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how we help you grow



Social media marketing+ advertising + blog posts + email marketing + additional marketing assistance hours

This plan has everything for your unique business needs. We ensure you have an evolving website with frequent SEO blog posts, and that you are active on all main social media channels that relate to your business – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We handle the ads for this content to be seen by your audience, and we determine and create email campaigns in your preferred email marketing platform. Additionally, this plan includes marketing assistance hours — where we can take on any extra work you need. Print marketing? Landing page creation? Giveaway management? Website maintenance? Influencer marketing? Presentation design? Anything and everything in the marketing realm, we can handle for you as your personal team of professionals.


Social media marketing + advertising 

We are experienced in Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Snapchat ads and more. While managing your social media channels for brand awareness, we also run your ad accounts with customized graphics and videos — each created from scratch. We analyze the ads and continuously adjust for the lowest cost possible based on the demographics of the target audience we determine will be best reached.

Social media marketing

Just need maintenance of your online presence? This is the plan for you. We handle account set up and/or account audits, ensure your social media channels look accurate and professional. Then, we create and schedule consistent content while monitoring your networks daily.

Not exactly sure what you need or where to start? Have a specific need that doesn’t fit perfectly in these plans? We are flexible. Contact us (or chat with us using the button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen) to learn how we can work with you.


It’s time to start viewing the investment in your marketing services as necessary and unavoidable as an electric bill or gasoline payment. What happens when you don’t fund your home’s electricity? The lights go off. What happens when you decide to keep driving on empty? The engine stops. Consider that same logic with your business’s need for long-term digital marketing services.
— Julia Fortney, Social Media Director


our process: why we’re awesome


We aren’t your typical “plug and chug” agency workers who simply grab some content, schedule it out and leave until next month. You invest in us to view your business like one of our own — which is why after you accept the proposal, we have a kick-off call to get the ball rolling right away. Then, our team has a strategic meeting and research session where we learn about your business, your ideal audience and what customized content we should create to nurture growth. At the end of each month, we analyze a report and organize another team meeting where we adjust next month’s strategy based on what performed best.

Simply? We’re your marketing department.

Plus, we’re extremely reachable. Call us, text us, email us, send a carrier pigeon or shout very loudly from wherever you’re currently standing — you’ll always be able to get in contact with us. (Though, we’d really suggest one of the first three for a quick response).

call us at (855) 945-3624


our work: a snapshot


Case Study 1

Company that provides funding to small and medium businesses that have a difficult time qualifying for a traditional loan required our services to manage their presence on social media with the goal of increasing brand awareness. Using only an organic approach (no paid media), the engagement rate on both Facebook and Twitter dramatically increased in just one month.

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Case Study 2

An exterior home improvement company hired Wild Magnolia Creative to create, execute and manage a strategic social media plan with a focus on brand awareness. One month after launch, using our techniques and no paid media, we were able to significantly increase the impressions and engagement on Facebook.

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Case Study 3

A company specializing in business continuity services hired us to manage their social media. Once we created a consistent posting schedule, we began an organic engagement/growth campaign on Twitter focused on an industry-specific target audience At the end of the first month of engagement services, the account's following had a 50% growth rate and a 55% engagement increase.

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custom graphics & photography

No two clients are exactly alike — and we believe that’s a good thing. Each business provides something unique to an audience who will benefit from what they are offering. That’s why our graphics are always created specifically for your online presence. Memes, tips, advice, facts, emotional appeals and promotions are original and crafted based on the marketing strategy we develop for you.


your team of experts

Daelyn, Accounts Director

Daelyn, Accounts Director

Julia, Social Media Director

Julia, Social Media Director


Your contacts: Daelyn and Julia [schedule a meeting]

Eric, Marketing Director

Eric, Marketing Director

Sarah, Operations Manager

Sarah, Operations Manager

Catherine, Creative Manager

Catherine, Creative Manager

Jonathan, Social Media Manager

Jonathan, Social Media Manager

Alex, Content Coordinator

Alex, Content Coordinator


If you want a great snapshot of the WMC team's day-to-day life, be sure to follow us on Instagram: IG/wildmagnoliacreative


let’s discuss

We are really big on pushing the human side of marketing. Not only do we say it — we live it. No AI responses here. Click the “Chat with us now” button to be connected to Daelyn or Julia. (It’s really us!) Accustomed to the ring-a-ding? Give us a call at 1-855-945-3624.

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