Testimonial from Scott DeLisi, U.S. Ambassador (ret) and Executive Director of the Soarway Foundation


There are times when we step into the unknown with only hope that a good path lies ahead.  That’s a bit of what I felt when I made the decision to select an online company to support me in doing the social media for our non-profit.  I just didn’t have the time, or the broad expertise to do all I wanted and build our audience as we needed to.  I turned to Wild Magnolia Creative, hoping to find the answers.

I was impressed immediately by Daelyn’s professionalism in setting up our initial consultation, by her quick grasp of our vision and our priorities.  And then, once Daelyn turned the rest of the Wild Magnolia Creative team loose on my account, the magic started to happen, and I don’t say that in jest.  It was clear that all the team understood “who” we were as an organization.  What we stand for, what we value and the narrative that lies at the heart of our engagement. 

Throughout our partnership, which is now at around six months, Wild Magnolia Creative has never disappointed.  They have delivered on all that they committed to but, more than that, they have brought tremendous creativity, energy and a vision of their own to what has become a joint effort.  I consider them to be part of our team and not just a “hired gun,” so to speak.  The quality of their posts, their ability to work independently but still be true to our vision, and their determination to be responsive are all incredible.  I couldn’t be more grateful.

Finally, I have to say I believe that they are having a real impact for us.  Sometimes it is hard to measure the difference that our social media makes but I can say that not only is our page far more diverse and appealing but the addition of video content and wider array (but thematically-related) posts has definitely garnered more likes and comments.  I have also been struck by the number of post retweets we’re getting from our Twitter account.

The bottom line is that the team at Wild Magnolia Creative has far exceeded my expectations on all counts.  It has been a pleasure to work with them.  I cannot find the words to recommend them more highly.

Scott DeLisi
U.S. Ambassador (ret)
Executive Director
Soarway Foundation

[August 31, 2018]