1) Company info

As it's supposed to be written. ex. Bibicord, bibicharger, BibiCord, etc.
For our records
We will send invoices to this name and email address
If applicable, send a link to Dropbox/Google Drive with any photo/video assets.
Anything we should know?

2)Admin/Ad access on Facebook

Instructions: On your Facebook company page - Settings - Page Roles - Assign a New Page Role - Type “Daelyn Fortney” or “Julia Fortney” - choose “Admin” - click “Add.” Add me to the company Ads Manager (business.facebook.com).

3) Provide logins

Send your logins securely through our password manager. Follow these links:




4) We’ll get started

We’ll take this information and get everything set up on our end! Please allow a couple days before posting begins.