Stay Away From the Monday Blues with These Tips


As soon as 11:59pm on a Sunday hits, I’m already looking forward to the next weekend. Monday’s sluggish atmosphere has me craving for the sweet lazy Saturday afternoons where there are endless possibilities of fun. We all need ways to beat the Monday blues, so here are five ways to turn annoying Mondays into something tolerable.

Plan out small fun activities throughout the week
Weekdays are tough to squeeze in late night plans with your friends and family, so they are all crammed into the weekend. However, planning small activities to do with others or yourself can alleviate some stress from the work week! Try planning small game nights or an at home movie during some weekdays for an added boost of fun until the weekend.

Unwind for an episode of your favorite show
Usually, I binge watch all my shows, but during busy work weeks I often fall behind on all the plot twists and adventures. However, who says you have to say goodbye to your favorite characters for half a season? Let Monday be the day where you try to catch up on at least one episode! At the end of the long work day, you’ll be able to look forward to something other than sleeping.

Pack your favorite lunch
Meal prep can be tiring for some, but allowing yourself to indulge in your favorite food make any day better. You don’t have to go all out, but you also don’t have to limit yourself to carrots and dip! The goal is to make Mondays as pleasant as possible and food can totally do the trick sometimes. Just make sure to label your lunch so no one gets a hand on it besides you!

Pamper yourself
Sometimes some serious TLC is needed when trying to combat a gruesome Monday. Treating yourself to an at home spa experience, indulging in some chocolate, or even taking a nice relaxing bath can work wonders on the stress from Mondays. Remember that pampering yourself is all about you! It can range from vigorous exercise or taking some time to read a book. Do what makes you less stressed, even if that means just doing nothing.

Join a Breakfast Club
This isn’t just a food club, but rather think about night clubbing in the day. Sounds crazy, right? This new trend is booming in cities like Los Angeles and New York where people are loving it. People wake up early in the morning to get a fresh start in their days by going to these breakfast clubs to dance their heart out. These clubs do not serve alcohol, but rather juice and healthy breakfast food. If you’re the type of person who needs a little adrenaline rush in the morning, try dancing in one of these clubs! The people are friendly and it takes a whole new twist on exercising in the morning.

Which of these ideas would you like to try to beat the Monday blues next week?

Written by Annie Zohra